Personal Coaching

With personal or life coaching sessions, you can find the life balance you desire to meet your needs to flourish and develop a growth mindset, by diving into and exploring how you and others perceive life as you know it and finding meaning and purpose.

Career Coaching

With career coaching you will take time to reflect, review current situations and scenarios and review your options. You will work with your coach to discuss, develop and plan your strategies in your career development.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is designed to create cohesion amongst the team, understanding each other and each team member. Through coaching your team will engage in learning to acknowledge their strengths and abilities as a team and building or enhancing team trust, developing strategies and improving performance.

Executive Coaching

Our professional coaching will help support you achieve professional goals and objectives, developing your leadership style and approach, creating your own authenticity as a leader.

And for the Organisation, supporting a systemic organisational coaching approach to filter throughout your organisation. Enabling the development of your organisational culture, aligning organisational values with the organisations mission and vision, and developing a unique organisational strategy for your business.


All discussions during coaching session are private and confidential between the coach and client. JMcD CoachingPlus will keep in line with GDPR standards.